Renewing your Web Hosting Contract

Terms used in this article

·         Hosting Contract: Specifics about your hosting account that details renewal dates, storage, features and configuration.

·         Renewal Date: Deadline before your account is considered overdue.

·         Grace Period: Days after your account is overdue yet it will not be suspended.

·         Suspension Date: Date your hosting account will no longer be accessible online.

·         Removal Date: Date when your hosting account will be removed from the servers.

·         Termination Date: Date when you request your account to be removed from the servers.


 Your hosting contract will be up for renewal once every year.  Renewal of your hosting contract will ensure your email, website, databases and any other server-related service you contracted is fully accessible online.

 The renewal process starts with an invoice sent to you 15 days before the Renewal Date, 2 reminders afterwards, another the same day of your Renewal Date, 2 more overdue reminders during Grace Period, a suspension notice and then finally notice that your account has been removed.  Overall, you will have 20 days to submit your payment before your account is removed.



1.       Click on the link provided in the invoice you received by email.
What if I did not receive any invoice by email? -> Contact your Project Manager or Call 347 443 8736

2.       Login to your hosting account.
What if I don’t have a login account? -> Click on Request a Password Reset. Instructions will be sent to your email in file.
I didn’t get or no longer have access to the email in file. -> Contact your Project Manager or Call 347 443 8736

3.       Click on the Invoice you want to pay.

4.       Review invoice and then click the Pay Now button to be redirected to secure payments through Google Checkout.
What if I don’t have a Google Checkout account -> You don’t need an account with Google to submit payment.  You can use any debit or credit card and you only need to provide an email address to receive your receipt and confirmation of payment.

5.       Your Hosting Contract will be renewed once your payment posts in the next 15 minutes.
Do I need to do anything else since my account was already suspended? -> No, your account will get unsuspended automatically.



This applies only if you decide to no longer host your site with Thisio or to close your website definitely.

1.       As soon as you receive your first invoice notice, reply to the same email with the subject:  PLEASE TERMINATE ACCOUNT.

2.       Thisio will send you an email requesting confirmation of the Termination.  You must provide some personal information to confirm you are the owner of the account.

3.       Once we have confirmed you are the owner, a full backup of your account will be done and the service will be terminated.
What if a change my mind? -> You will have 5 days to request restoration of your account for free, after that, you will be charged $99 to restore the site plus you will need to renew your Hosting Contract.


Last revision July 2010

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