Domain Registration Renewal

Terms used in this article

·         Domain Registrar: Company that sells domain names.

·         Domain Extension: The last three (or five for international domains) letters after the name of the domain, for example .com, .net or .org.

·         Domain Control Panel: A software (often web-based) you can access to perform domain management.

·         Hosting Control Panel: A web-based software that allows you to manage and configure your web, database, FTP and email servers and access other administrator-only features for your hosting account.


Domain renewal is often separate from your hosting renewal.  Although both are necessary for your site to work properly online, they are not necessarily managed the same way.



Use this option if you purchased the domain before you ordered Web Hosting from Thisio.


1.       Visit your Domain Registrar and login to the Domain Control Panel.

2.       Follow the instructions on how to renew your domain.

3.       If your domain is renewed, there will be no interruptions in your website and you will be done renewing your domain.
What if my domain was suspended -> Submit your payment as soon as possible or you risk losing ownership of the domain. Once the domain resolves to our servers again, your site will be back online.

4.       Remember to also renew any other domain or domain extension pointing to your site, not just the main one.


Use this option if your domain registration was done through Thisio or you got a free domain with your development.


1.       You will receive a Domain Renewal invoice.  Click on the included link and login to your account.
What if I did not receive any invoice by email? -> Contact your Project Manager or Call 347 443 8736
What if I don’t have a login account? -> Click on Request a Password Reset. Instructions will be sent to your email in file.
I didn’t get or no longer have access to the email in file. -> Contact your Project Manager or Call 347 443 8736

2.       Review your invoice and click on the Pay Now button to be redirected to Google Checkout to get your payment information.
What if I don’t have a Google Checkout account? -> You don’t need an account with Google to submit payment.  You can use any debit or credit card and you only need to provide an email address to receive your receipt and confirmation of payment.

3.       After payment is submitted, a receipt will be sent to your email account and you will be done renewing your domain.


Last revision July 2010

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